Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Looking Ahead to Autumn!

It's hard to beleive it's almost autumn again--but the nights are cooler and the trees are beginning to turn! We have a lot planned at MCC Windsor--there's bound to be something for you!

Sunday, September 11 Homecoming service
If you were, are or would like to be a member of MCCW, and even if you're not, you are invited to our Homecoming Service as we gather from our summer trips and vacations. Rev. Kevin Kinsel of the MCC Michigan-Windsor network brings the message as we remember the events of ten years ago in the US. Join us afterwards for a potluck BBQ!

Sunday, October 2 Membership Class
Rev. Martha will be offering a membership class after worship today. Attendance is required in order to become a member (which allows you to vote at congregational meetings and to serve on the Board or as a delegate to General Conference)--but you don't have to join if you attend. If you are a member and it's been a while since you came to the membership class, you're invited too--the structure of MCC has changed and this is a good way to learn about it!

Sunday, October 9 Fellowship Sunday/Coming Out Sunday
We'll remember the day 43 years ago when Rev. Troy Perry held the very first worship service of MCC in his living room. In recognition of the connection between all MCCS, Ms Rose Mack of MCC Detroit will bring the message today.

Also coming up--
Fright Night Pasta Dinner!
Why Do We Do That? Worship event
Budget Forum
Congregational Business Meeting
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
and much more!

Join us for worship--Sundays, 1:30 pm, 1680 Dougall Ave!

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Wendy said...

Cannot wait looking forward to it to, and the membership classes